VB" PVC wall covers

VB" PVC wall covers

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Revisit your decoration, reenchant your interior or your exterior with our wall covers full of audacity and originality! They exist in 2 sizes: 80x144 and 140x250cm (Attention, the models "Alexandre" and "Albayde" have a different format: 75X100 or 144X186 cm)

Wall decoration in PVC, therefore ideal for the outside, trends: rock, dreamlike, baroque, romantic, poetic ... but always colorful and tasteful. Bénédicte, the creator, successfully mixes originality, spirituality and creation. She revisits old paintings by combining the value of the past with the graphic art of today. A breathtaking decoration that will delight you every day!

  • Prayer

  • Rio

  • Dream of a night...

  • Cecilia

  • Ginevra

  • Possesso

  • Bella

  • Il Bene il Male

  • Il Battista

  • Misteriosa

  • Arcangelo

  • Stella Bianca

  • Clementine

  • Adam

  • Eve

  • Tree of life

  • Fauve

  • Hassan

  • The foam of the days

  • La luna

  • Lady Govida

  • Saint Catherine

  • Saint Rita

  • Gypsy Venus

  • Autumn

  • Life is a sweat

  • Jungle

  • Starfire

  • Amen

  • Paradise

  • Cosmic Girl

  • Hope

  • Rockery flowers

  • Oriental garden

  • The cow

  • The Truth

  • Belzoni

  • The tattoo artist

  • Lucretia

  • Mano Poderosa

  • Marie Madeleine

  • Messina

  • Parrots

  • Santa di u niolu

  • Beetle

  • Francesca and Paolo

  • I believe

  • Springtime

  • One against the other

  • Shut up

  • Zebra and Co

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PVC wall covers

Ideal material for outdoor use

Available in 2 sizes : 140X250cm and 80X144 cm

French creation

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